Thursday, September 20 8pm - Rose Room Gallery, 8pm 

San Jose Jazz Festival with Jimetta Rose - Friday, August 11, 2018 8pm.  

The Pacific Resident Theater - June 3, 2018 7pm, Venice, Ca. With Niall Ferguson, cello, Harry Terrell, drums, Francisco Ojeda, bass.  

The Cinema Bar - April 22, 2018 10pm - Culver City, Ca  with Harry Terrell, drums, Francisco Ojeda, bass. 

Solo Piano at Kaufman hall- Feb. 7, 2018 7:30pm at Kaufman Hall, University of California, Los Angeles

The Aratani Theatre with choreographer Bernard Brown - Jan. 24, 2018 9pm- Los Angeles, Ca

Steven Gordon Group at the Blue Whale - Oct. 30, 2017 9pm - Los Angeles. With Anthony Fung, drums, Francisco Ojeda-bass, Niall Ferguson, cello, Joe Kwon, alto.